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Lake Lure Fishing Sponsorship Opportunities


In fishing Lake Lure through the years, I am fortunate to have formed partnerships with these quality companies.  I can attest that these products are of highest quality as I use them on a regular basis.  

I love my Bagley lures!

I love my Bagley lures!


I've found that Bagley's Balsa Shad is the best balsa wood lure available.  Not only is the look and feel of the lure more lifelike than competitors, but Bagley recently "developed a unique new manufacturing process called Heat Compression Molding or HCM that greatly improves the performance of lures made from balsa" (Bagley Bait Company).

 I also use the Balsa B, winner of two Bass Master Classics.  Again, the lifelike action of the balsa wood connects me with a lot more fish than traditional hard plastic lures and the HCM process greatly improves the Bagley lures over their competitors.

According to manager of production processess at Bagley, "We design each of our lure models, independent of material, from the ground up and then utilize all quality materials to achieve the best lure for the fishery intended and the fisherman to use.  It is not a matter of material or coatings exclusively in making a quality fish catching lure but rather the expertise in design and consistently managing the processes that make a good lure."


I love my Mepps lures.

I love my Mepps lures.

 When it comes to using a jigging spoon on Lake Lure, there is no better choice than the Mepps line of products.  What differentiates them is the quality.  The wobble for these lures holds true time after time.

I also find great success with their spinners on streams and rivers.  Some spinner baits lose their spin in stagnant water or slow retrieves. The blades on Mepps lures always spin no matter how slow the current or your retrieve.


I love my MirrOlures.

I love my MirrOlures.

When I want distance on my casts, crazy flash in the water, and the best baitfish of the school on the end of my line, I use MirrOlures.  These quality lures produce countless fish for me.  They are a favorite of mine.

I love my Eagle Claw tackle.

I love my Eagle Claw tackle.

Not all of my fishing is with artificials.  When using live bait, Eagle Claw hooks are always sharp and dependable on every hook set.  The sinkers and bobbers are reliable as well.

I also enjoy using Eagle Claw hooks for plastic worms.  They work very well for those tough hook sets in heavy cover.


If you would like to be added as a sponsor for Lake Lure Fishing Excursions LLC, let me know via the contact form on the upper right corner of this page.