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Fishing Report

Lake Lure fishing report and Chimney Rock fishing report for a weekly blog of the fish caught in Lake Lure North Carolina

No Light, Turn on the Bright

Steven Kriete

5-27 photo two.JPG

With dirty water and rainy conditions, Mitch, Elizabeth and Family found success using brightly colored lures.  Here they are holding a couple of largemouth bass.  They also caught a few white bass.  The fish were good sized as the females are hungry after coming off of their beds.

5-27 photo one.JPG
Here is Donna with a nice largemouth.

Here is Donna with a nice largemouth.

Sometimes color doesn't matter very much.  On this day it did.  I learned this lesson years ago on Leech Lake in Minnesota.  I was down to the last silver/black colored shad rap.  We noticed a cove that began erupting in bait fish.  We moved in there.  For the next hour, we trolled 4 lures.  The lures were all identical in size and action. The silver/black colored shad rap caught all 12 northern pike and walleye.  If you're not getting the bites, try changing color.  A good thought is to match the bait unless the water is dirty.  Then you want bright colors, white, shiny, or flashy.