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Fishing Report

Lake Lure fishing report and Chimney Rock fishing report for a weekly blog of the fish caught in Lake Lure North Carolina

Best Trade Ever

Steven Kriete

I’ve completed many trades in fantasy football, but none have been as strong as the one Amanda pulled off today fishing. She was reeling in a small white bass and got it close to the boat. Then suddenly, a giant largemouth rose up from the deep and inhaled her white bass. This has happened on fishing trips before, but never like this. The white bass became dislodged, and the lure got hooked into the mouth of the largemouth. After a hard fight, we netted this hefty bass. It was among about 20 fish that Amanda and her family caught this morning.

9-23 one.JPG

They're Still Biting

Steven Kriete

Here is Susan with a nice largemouth that she caught on a diving crankbait tonight.  The bass are still chasing the bait.  We have not gotten to late summer patterns this summer because of the unusually cool temperatures.  Surface temps continue in the low 80's.

7-22 evening fish.JPG

Double Header White Bass

Steven Kriete

The white bass are gorging themselves on thread fin shad on Lake Lure.  This week, we're throwing poppers to nail white bass up to 4 pounds.  Look for the boiling surfaces and get your lures in there.  In between feeding frenzies, troll crank baits imitating the shad.  We've found 20 - 40 foot water to be best, but they are coming shallow into 6 foot water at times.  Largemouth bass are also mixing in there.  When you reel in a white bass, have somebody else ready to throw in another lure towards your fighting fish.  Often it will have a number of followers that are eager to bite.

7-11 fish four.JPG

Here are Eli and Brody with a couple of their better white bass.

7-11 fish two.JPG
7-11 fish one.JPG

Topwater Bombs Away

Steven Kriete

The topwater bite has been intense lately.  Chad and Blake hooked into numerous largemouth bass and a white bass using poppers.  The biggest was 5 pounds.

7-5 morning fish one.JPG
7-5 morning fish six.JPG

I euthanized this one for an upcoming dinner.  All others were released.

7-5 morning fish two.JPG
7-5 morning fish three.JPG
7-5 morning fish four.JPG
7-5 morning seven.JPG

Three Three Pounders for Owen

Steven Kriete

Owen pulled out three three pound largemouth today using a deep diving crank bait fished shallow by pounding it fast along the bottom.  Reaction strikes came.  We also got white bass and crappie.

7-1 three.JPG
7-1 four.JPG
7-1 seven.JPG

Open Water White Bass and Timber Largemouth

Steven Kriete

6-11 Fish One.JPG

We're catching the white bass when they blitz the surface on poppers, rooster tails, and white jigs.  The largemouth are also chasing bait.  Other largemouth are hanging around deep timber.

6-11 fish two.JPG

Scott and Lynn really knew how to catch them today.

All About the Shade

Steven Kriete

With a third day in a row of bluebird skies in the morning, the fish retreated to the deep shade on made lake edges.  Here are Andre and Dillon with some fish that they caught today.  The white bass was caught in the early morning in open water.

6-8 fish one.JPG
6-8 fish two.JPG

No Light, Turn on the Bright

Steven Kriete

5-27 photo two.JPG

With dirty water and rainy conditions, Mitch, Elizabeth and Family found success using brightly colored lures.  Here they are holding a couple of largemouth bass.  They also caught a few white bass.  The fish were good sized as the females are hungry after coming off of their beds.

5-27 photo one.JPG
 Here is Donna with a nice largemouth.

Here is Donna with a nice largemouth.

Sometimes color doesn't matter very much.  On this day it did.  I learned this lesson years ago on Leech Lake in Minnesota.  I was down to the last silver/black colored shad rap.  We noticed a cove that began erupting in bait fish.  We moved in there.  For the next hour, we trolled 4 lures.  The lures were all identical in size and action. The silver/black colored shad rap caught all 12 northern pike and walleye.  If you're not getting the bites, try changing color.  A good thought is to match the bait unless the water is dirty.  Then you want bright colors, white, shiny, or flashy.

Hungry Spawners

Steven Kriete

Many fish are hungry after completing their spawns.  The water temperature is at 60 degrees, and the white bass are coming back out of the creeks and river from their spawns.  White bass are hungry bit scattered and not organized as a group.  Trolling is the best method to find them.  Many largemouth have also finished their spawns while others are still at it.  We are a few water temp degrees away from a top water bite, but the jelly worms are getting some nice ones.  Here is Bill with a good one caught by an old dock.  This was the largest bass that he and Dustin got on this cloudy morning.  I also include a couple of their other better ones.

4-22 fish three.JPG
4-22 fish two.JPG
4-22 fish one.JPG

Windy Day Bass

Steven Kriete

I enjoyed a great morning with Lynn, Scott, Keenan, and Kemsiey.  Here is Scott holding up a 4 pound largemouth.  The fish were hunkered down trying to stay out of the wind.  We had success on jelly worms after the sun came out and the skies cleared.

4-4 photo one.JPG
4-4 photo two.JPG
4-4 photo three.JPG

Jigging Spoons on the Point

Steven Kriete

Yet again, they hit on the jigging spoons.  The key was finding the fish on sonar and dropping heavy spoons right in their faces.  Rick pulled in a ton of white bass this morning as well as a few other species.

 Here is a nice white bass.

Here is a nice white bass.

 A large mouth decided to crash the white bass party.

A large mouth decided to crash the white bass party.

9-3 morning three.JPG

White Bass School in Session!

Steven Kriete

Ron, Alik, and Shaka got into a nice school of white bass this morning.  Here are three of their biggest bass.  It has been jigging spoon lately.  Find yourself a point and settle down.

8-26 morning four.JPG

Alyssa's Big Bass

Steven Kriete

We ran into some nice large mouth bass and bluegills this morning fishing in the back coves. Here is Alyssa with a nice bass that she hauled out on a jelly worm.  Here entire family did a great job this morning.

Hit and Hit Again

Steven Kriete

On the first strike, Bob's top water lure flew out of the water.  It landed only a moment before another explosion left us in awe.  Moments later Bob landed this nice largemouth.  Well done.  

 Caryl also got in on the action.

Caryl also got in on the action.

Dual Hook ups

Steven Kriete

Hunter and his mom Julia did a nice job with bass fishing.  Here are a three pounder and two and a half pounder that they caught simultaneously.  Top water action has been strong.  

 I got these two with one lure on the previous night.

I got these two with one lure on the previous night.